Design process should be an exciting adventure, where you have an opportunity to take part in the creation of a unique piece.



The birth of a unique idea starts with free - form hand sketching to stimulate creativity and rapidly explore different options and concepts as they emerge. There are no boundaries at this stage and our extensive sketches assist with accurately visualising every facet exquisite detail and form. We hope to delight and stimulate the client at this stage and ignite a sense of anticipation.   



Every aspect of the design is considered at this stage, including each and every tiny detail, which combine to create a one-of-a-kind  piece. Material specifications are finalised and drawings are productionized to enable the concept to become reality. 



The special combinations of quality materials, fused with attention to detail and delivered by high quality British craftsmanship creates unique furniture pieces which will deliver an atmospheric presence to your space. Form, aesthetics and functionality are the key elements of the design.  


realization of a design  

After 8-12 weeks of waiting, finally your exclusive design statement is ready to be delivered and to grace your existing beautiful decor.