Eva Baron's extensive experience in British Superyacht Interior design and High-end Residential design translates into her concepts. Her rigorous academic training in Europe includes Interior Design and Architectural Technology, combining both skills with a BA Honours degree in Interior Architecture at The Oxford Brookes School of Architecture. 

Eva Baron's cutting-edge pieces embrace contemporary design, taking inspiration from futuristic building forms and haute couture fashion design without ever ceasing to abandon classical and moorish details. Travels and visits to museums are a great source to her inspiration and innovativeness. Simplicity in her works means knowing when to stop and finding the point of balance in sophistication and trying to instill an emotional resonance. 

Mies van der Rohe's assertion "less is more" and Peter Zumthor's creation of atmospheres resonates with her. A belief that furniture is a further expression and continuity of the architectural space and not a fast fashion helps to find a balance between form, aesthetics and function.