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 Interior design


 Eva Baron Oxford city based Interior and bespoke furniture design studio focusing on prime private residential commissions. With an eye for superb craftsmanship, use of luxurious finishes and intricate attention to detail attracts individuals accustomed to an aspirational lifestyle. The studio has no fixed design style but rather focuses on the client’s unique personality, embraces their chosen style and then elevates that vision into unique spaces.

The studio enjoys the design experience working with each client as closely, or as little as desired. Its philosophy is simple: to maintain an approachable personality as a business and to transform environments, so as to enable clients to develop a personal and memorable relationship with their interior spaces.



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Eva Baron has been exploring and developing a range of made-to-order bespoke furniture pieces as well as designing for private commissions.  High quality materials, British craftsmanship and design ideas are combined together to create bold, yet elegant and functional, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Combining high-quality craftsmanship with enduring style, the pieces are designed to withstand the test of time and be passed down to the next generation.

All furniture pieces are proudly hand-crafted in Britain in Corsham, working closely with some of the UK’s best craftsmen in each of their fields to achieve unparalleled quality.

A low-waste sustainable approach is of a great importance to Eva Baron studio therefore all furniture is produced on a made-to-order basis. This gives the client an opportunity to alter the exact size, finish and colour to compliment their new or an existing interior space.




“Things of quality take time, energy, thoughts and hours of hard work . That's called

— Eva Baron



“The birth of an idea starts with hand-sketching to stimulate creativity and rapidly explore concepts as they emerge.”


design process

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