These are all original paintings made using mixed media technique - plaster paris and acrylic paint. Plaster pattern gives a dimension to the painting - creates shadows and a raised surface. To create a painting there are two stages involved: one day of plaster drying and acrylic paint application. All works been inspired by observing our everyday events.



This painting was inspired by my favourite perfume. That's how it feels when a delightful smell starts traveling in the room, mixing together with air molecules leaving a trace wherever you go... no wonder why is has a meaning 'through smoke' in Latin.

W1000 H1500



Once I was having a coffee in a very pink and flowery coffee shop. All sorts of colorful cakes were lined up next to the window to lure a passing by person. Then my attention was drawn to a waiter who was carrying this massive plate with meringue and served it to the table next to me. It was a delightful piece of baking art - a white 'cloud' on a plate with a bright pink sweet sauce on the top. This painting is a recreation of that moment.

W1000 H1500



On a rainy day there is nothing better than to sit cozy inside with a cup of a coffee, hear how drops are landing and creating wet patches on the ground.

W1000 L1500


Many faces

Women have an ability to transform from one mood to another many times in a day and to express all the emotions, but there are 4 most common faces a woman will show throughout a day: a Morning face, a Work face, a Friend's face, a Stranger face and an Evening face.

W1000 H1500



A different appearance in order to conceal one's identity - discaising a sad mood.

W1000 H1200



Little craters of everyday life's impact

W1500 H1000