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With its simplicity and elegance the Amber Console is hand-crafted in macassar, supported by ebonised English walnut and antique brass detailing. It features a distinctive central wooden panel which is decorated with macassar inlay in a playful pattern highlighted by antique brass diamond shapes. The secret compartment, top and the side are wrapped in finest soft Italian leather with stitching detailing. 

The centre of the design inspiration lies in an amber handle. While often considered a gemstone and used in jewelry  for over 10,000 years, the glowing and warm amber is not a stone, but is a mineral of organic origin belonging to the category of typical resins from ancient evergreen trees.  


Story to tell

Amber stone has been used since ancient times in a variety of cultures - from Greece to China to Northern Europe - there are many properties attributed to this warm and powerful stone. The colour and shape back then fascinated people's imagination to come up with mythological explanations of amber origin. In one of Lithuanian legend was believed that amber is a remains of the Sea Goddesses broken castle after the god Thunder punished her for falling in love with a mortal fisherman.   

This particular amber stone of the handle came from the rough Baltic Sea waters and has been fished out by designer Eva's father in one stormy day of 1990s. With a special home-made net, he would go about knee-deep into the water to dip the net and catch the seaweed were the amber pieces were tangled in. All the content would be dragged to the beach were Eva would be there to look for finest, biggest and shiniest amber stones.

Since that day the piece traveled with the designer till it found the perfect use - to highlight the design of the console.